Thumbi House Wins Acacia International School’s 2023 Sports Day!

Acacia International School held its annual sports day on Saturday 12th June, 2023. The event was held at the school’s sports field and was attended by students, staff, and parents.

The day began with a warm-up followed by a series of events, including track and field events, relays, and the highly contested ‘Adults Sprint Race’. The students competed fiercely, and the atmosphere was electric. New records were set and some old records broken!

In the end, it was Thumbi House who emerged victorious, winning the overall competition. The students in Thumbi House celebrated their victory surrounded by friends and family with our house captains lifting the trophy in front of the crowd!

The other houses, however, did not go home empty-handed. Domwe House came in second place, followed by Mumbo House in third place.

The sports day was a great success, and it was a day that the students will never forget. It was a day of competition, camaraderie, and sportsmanship.

Here are the overall scores!

  1. Thumbi –  513 points
  2.  Domwe  –  370 points
  3.  Mumbo  –  324 points

Here are some of the highlights of the event:

  • The track and field events were particularly exciting, with students running and  jumping their hearts out.
  • The relays were also a lot of fun, with students working together as a team to try to win.
  • The adults sprint race was the final event of the day, and it was a close-fought contest and very entertaining for the pupils to watch.

Overall, it was a great day of sport and fun. Congratulations to all the students who competed, and well done to Thumbi House!

To view the highlights reel please click the link below!

A.I.S Sports Day 2023 Highlights

Admissions Open for August 2023!

We are now accepting applications for  primary and secondary pupils for the new academic year beginning in August 2023.

For further information on how to enroll your child, please go to the Fees & Admissions page.

AIS Taekwondo Belt Promotion Grading – Huge success!

Our Taekwondo students have been training very hard in the last few months to prepare for the recent belt grading promotion held on campus. Many of our students were promoted to Yellow Belt (8th Kup) and our students who are new to the sport received their first ever belt being promoted to Yellow Tag (9th Kup). Chloe who is one of our secondary pupils also received the honour of being awarded the ‘Top Grader’ and will retain the trophy until the next belt promotion later this year. Well Done to all of you for receiving you new belts!

Sports & Activities

Acacia Golf Team wins the Malawi Central Region Qualifiers!

Winners of the Alliance Capital Limited Golf Competition.

A.I.S Golf Team win the Central Region Qualifiers!

Our team of talented golfers have triumphed over four other teams to claim the title of the Alliance Capital Limited Golf tournament held at Lilongwe Golf Club. The team will now compete in the National Inter-Schools Golf Competition which will be take place in June. Congratulations to all those who competed!

For more pictures of the event please go to