About Us

Why choose Acacia?

Acacia believes in small class sizes, qualified and experienced teachers, a worldwide recognized and trusted curriculum and high-quality resources.

We believe in creating a positive educational environment that is characterized by mutual respect. Our teachers and administrators encourage positive interaction amongst students.

We offer the British National Curriculum, focusing on the key elements of each stage of development from EYFS through KS3, accepting children from Reception through to Year 8.

What do we do best?

We believe in the whole-child approach to learning, which aims at improving a child’s academic performance and contributes to their overall development and self-confidence.

Our teachers use child-centered learning, rejecting teaching by rote in favour of encouraging individuality and offering differentiated instruction. Individual learning styles are catered for, creating an inclusive education.

Acacia staff believe in encouraging right brain thinking which helps students to think critically and ‘outside of the box’.

What can we do for your children?

School should be educational and fun! Research points towards students achieving their best when they are happy. If children feel safe, valued and understood they are more likely to learn to the best of their abilities!

At Acacia we value creative arts, physical education, global citizenship, music and modern foreign languages as much as the Core subjects (English, Maths, Science and Humanities).

We welcome students of all nationalities andhave over 20 nationalities represented within Acacia. We are experienced in teaching English as a second language within the mainstream classroom.

Our graduating students have passed entrance examinations to Secondary Schools (both locally and internationally) with excellent grades.